Conditions for Konfido Event AB 2015

Terms and Contitions for tours arranged by Konfido Event AB (in terms named as Konfido)
Isterbergsvägen 11, 185 94 Vaxholm, Tel. 0709 89 00:25,,

The general travel conditions are complemented by Konfido’s specific travel conditions indicated in italics.

Konfido is responsible to the passenger for what is entitled to claim as a result of the agreement. The responsibility also includes services that will be performed by a subcontractor to Konfido .. If the dealer is a party to the agreement, he is responsible to the traveler in the same way as Konfido.

1.1.1 The main traveler is the person making the booking and therefore includes agreements with Konfido. All changes and any cancellation shall be made by the main traveler. Fellow traveler who wishes to make any type of change must therefore do so through the main traveler.

Information in Konfido’s catalogs and website are binding. An organizer may change the information in the catalogs or brochures before the contract has been signed. However, this should only occur if an express reservation has been made in the catalog or brochure and if the traveler is clearly informed of the changes.

1.2.1 As regards to these conditions what is said about the catalogs, brochures and other printed media should essentially also apply for Konfido’s website
1.2.2 Konfido disclaims any responsibility for external Web page contents, such as, but not limited to links to or from Konfido’s website.

Konfido will keep the traveler informed about questions significant to the traveler relating to the Agreement

Connecting travel are included in the agreement only if it is sold or marketed together with the main-event for an inclusive price or for separate prices linked to each other.

1.4.1 In trips that include air or bus transportation: place for departure and arrival shall mean the place of departure from which Konfido’s bus / plane departs. Konfido disclaims completely responsible for the damages suffered traveler in case of delay.
1.4.2 When traveling without a flight or bus: Place for starting and arrival mean the place where Konfido’s program starts. Konfido disclaims completely responsible for the damages suffered traveler in case of delay.

The agreement is binding when the traveler have completed the booking process on Konfido’s website,

and Konfido has confirmed the Traveller’s order in writing.

1.5.1. Misunderstandings may occur in verbal orders / phone bookings. It is therefore incumbent upon the traveler’s responsibility to check that all information on the booking has been confirmed. Any deviations have to be mentioned immediately. Verbal orders must be confirmed in writing before the traveler may refer to the booking.

  1. Payment of the price for the trip

The traveler shall pay the price no later than the date specified in the contract.

Konfido may not demand payment of the full fare earlier than 30 days prior to departure, unless otherwise agreed.

Konfido may request a first installment (deposit) in connection with the confirmation. The registration fee must be reasonable in relation to the tour price and other circumstances.

Konfido has the right to cancel if the traveler has not paid the deposit within agreed time.

2.4.1 The registration fee is 350 SEK per person for travel within Europe and SEK 3,000 per person for travel outside Europe.
2.4.2 Non-payment of the balance is not tantamount to the cancellation of the trip.
2.4.3 Possible local tourist taxes are in some cases not included in the price. If so it is paid in local currency at on arrival.
2.4.4 Konfido has the right to charge an amendment fee of SEK 350 for additional administrative costs associated with each type of change that the traveler makes to the booking as well as when a refund is not due to fault of Konfido’s page

  1. Passenger’s right to cancel the tour


The passenger has the right to cancel the tour as follows.

3.1.1 If cancellation of the trip is done 31 days or more prior to departure, the passenger must pay the entry fee.
3.1.2 If cancellation of the trip is done 30-25 days before departure, the passenger must pay 50% of the fare
3.1.3 If cancellation of the trip is done 24-15 days before departure, the passenger must pay 70% of the fare
3.1.4 If cancellation of the trip is done less than 15 days before departure, the passenger must pay 100% of the fare If no cancellation and the traveler fail to appear at specified place and time prior to the departure, or he cannot attend or complete the journey because of missing valid passport, necessary notifications, or other necessary documents for the trip, Konfido owns the right to be credited with the total the price of the trip. Any cancellation made by the traveler shall be deemed to have taken place when the notice of the cancellation was received by Konfido. Cancellations are to be made as soon as obstacles to travel are known by contacting Konfido per sms on to 0709 89 24 25 or by e-mail to

3.1.6 For trips where Konfido, on behalf of the traveler, have including scheduled flights, special rules apply in case of cancellation. Scheduled flight tickets are not refundable. Taxes and fees are never refunded. Cancellation insurance cover only cost arrangements apart from air tickets.

3.1.7 Cost of additional arrangements (eg ski rental, private transfers, green fees el., Etc.), booked by the organizer of the trip and related to the trip, are refundable only if cancellation is made at least 14 days prior to departure

Travelers are recommended sign cancellation insurance with their own insurance provider and / or with ERV If one or more people canceled from a group, which booked their trip with shared accommodation, Konfido is entitled to charge a so-called tombäddstillägg – empty bed amendment. (Applies if there is no opportunity to change accommodation) A “Travel group” is considered to be travelers who book their trip with shared accommodation.

The Travel group is jointly responsible for making payment of the fare and freight charges, and other costs associated with the cancellation.

  1. Passenger’s right to transfer the contract

The traveler may assign the contract to someone who meets all the conditions for participating in the trip. Such conditions can, for example be that a transport or that Konfido has contracted under the existing rules will accept the change of traveler. The traveler must within a reasonable time before departure inform Konfido or the retailer of its intention.

When the Agreement is transferred, the transferor and transferee jointly liable to the other party in the agreement for what remains to pay for the trip and for additional costs, to a maximum of SEK 200, which may occur due to the transfer.

  1. Konfidos changes before departure and the cancellation of the trip

Konfidos right to change the terms of the agreement. Konfido may amend the terms of the contract to the traveler’s disadvantage only if it is clear in the agreement that this may be done. The price may be increased only if the contract is clear how the new price will be determined.

5.1.1 When major changes in the exchange rate that is greater than 3% Konfido reserves the right to adjust the price of the trip with a currency deductions or currency additions, if specified in the contract.

The traveler may withdraw from the agreement if Konfido explains that they will not fulfill what has been committed and the breach is of major importance for the traveler. The traveler may withdraw from the agreement if the terms are substantially changed to his disadvantage. If Konfido intends to break the contract, or wish to change the terms of the contract, he shall notify the traveler as soon as possible, taking notice of his right of withdrawal under the first paragraph. The passenger must within an appropriate time inform Konfido if he intends to withdraw from the agreement.

Traveler’s right to substitute journey

If the traveler waives the Agreement according to 5.2, he has the right to another journey that is of equivalent or higher quality if Konfido or retailer can offer this. If the traveler accepts a lesser substitute journey, he is entitled to compensation for the price difference. If the traveler refrains from his right to substitute journey, or if such cannot be offered, he should promptly get back what he has paid under the contract. The first and second paragraphs also apply if Konfido cancels the tour without the traveler’s fault.

Traveler’s right to compensation, Konfido’s cancellation of the trip

In the cases referred to in 5.3, the traveler is entitled to damages from Konfido, if it is reasonable. Right damages due to Konfido set the travel will not exist if Konfido shows:

  1. that fewer people signed up than the contract minimum travelers for the trip and the traveler 30 days before departure was informed in writing that the trip has been cancelled, or
  1. that the journey cannot be completed because of an circumstances outside Konfidos control that could not reasonably have been foreseen when the contract was concluded and following consequences he could not reasonably have been avoided or overcome. Is the cancellation due to someone that Konfido has engaged to perform the trip, Konfido is free from liability under paragraph 2 only if the person whom he has engaged also would be exempt under that provision. The same applies if the cause relates to someone else in at a earlier point.

5.4.1 The minimum number of notified travelers to travel with a guide to take effect is 15 people.

Change of price

The price may be increased only because of cost increases due to: 1. changes in transportation costs, 2. changes in taxes, duties or fees regarding services included in the trip, or 3. changes in exchange rates that affect Konfidos expenses for the trip.

Right to price increase according to 1 and 3 above, is only if the cost exceeds SEK 60. The price may be increased during the last 20 days before the agreed departure date.

Konfido shall as soon as possible inform the traveler about the price change. The tour price will be lowered if Konfidos costs earlier than 20 days before the agreed departure date, for similar reasons, decreases. At cost under 1 and 3 above, the price should be reduced only if the cost reduction exceeds SEK 60.

5.5.1 The price stated in the booking confirmation is guaranteed when the trip is paid. I.e. Konfido will not adjust the price of the trip according to the current exchange rate before departure, either decrease or increase. The warranty does not apply to changes in taxes, duties and charges for services not included in the trip (see section 5.5).

  1. Konfidos changes after departure, errors or omissions

6.1 Failed achievements
If, after departure, a substantial part of the contracted services cannot be provided, Konfido should arrange suitable alternative arrangements at no extra cost to the traveler. If compensation arrangements are not organized or rejected by the traveler, on acceptable grounds, Konfido should, if appropriate, at no extra cost to the traveler provide equivalent transport back to the place of departure, or to another destination approved of the Traveler. If a change in the agreement, under the first or second paragraph, that is an impairment, the traveler is, if reasonable, entitled to price reduction and damages.

6.2 Other faults
At other deviations in the agreed services other than those specified in 6.1, the traveler is entitled to a price reduction and damages, if the fault does not depend on him. The traveler is not entitled to damages, if Konfido show that the fault depends on an obstruction outside Konfidos control that could not reasonably have been foreseen when the contract was concluded and whose consequences could not have been reasonably avoided or overcome. If the fault lies with someone Konfido has engaged, Konfido is free from liability under the second paragraph only if the person whom he has engaged would also be exempt under that provision. The same applies if the fault depends on someone at an earlier point. When faults are rooted in the circumstances described in the second or third paragraph, Konfido immediately give the traveler the help needed.

6.3 Extent of reparation
Damages under these conditions include, in addition to compensation for pure economic loss, compensation for personal injury and property damage. Damage covered by the provisions of the Maritime Act (1994: 1009), the Aviation Act (1957: 297), Rail Act (1985: 192) or the Act (1985: 193) on international rail reimbursed under the laws instead of by these terms. Konfido is always required to compensate the traveler for what he is entitled to claim under the said Acts. It is incumbent upon the traveler, to the extent possible, to limit the damage.

  1. Complaints and corrections

The traveler may not invoke error in what he is entitled to claim as a result of the agreement, if he does not, within a reasonable time after he discovered or should have discovered the error, notify Konfido or dealer about the error. This should, if possible, be done at the destination.

7.1.1 Error to be invoked in place during the trip so that Konfido or its suppliers are given the opportunity to correct the deficiencies that have arisen
7.1.2 Complaints must be Konfido later than 14 days after completion of travel.

Notwithstanding 7.1 traveler may invoke error, if Konfido or retailer has acted with gross negligence or in breach of good faith.

If the traveler makes complaints that are not unjustified, must Konfido, or the local representative, take immediate steps to find a suitable solution.

  1. Traveller’s responsibility during the journey

8.1 Konfidos instructions etc.
The traveler is obliged to follow the instructions for the trip implementation provided by the tour leader or by any other person Konfido hires. The traveler is obliged to respect the rules that apply for the journey and for transportation, hotels, etc. and behave so that fellow passengers or others are not disturbed. If the Traveller substantially breaks these rules, can Konfido terminate the contract.

8.2 Traveller’s responsibility for damage
The traveler is responsible for the damage he causes Konfido by negligence, eg by not following the rules and regulations. It is the responsibility of the traveler to compensate any damage that is legally caused towards anyone Konfido engages to assist in the execution of the tour.

8.3 Passport, visa, health regulations, etc.
Before the contract is concluded Konfido, or its retailer, should suitably inform the traveler about the health rules that will be applicable during the trip and, to the extent it is relevant for the traveler, what applies in case of passports and visas for citizens of countries within the European Economic Area. The traveler, however, is responsible for observing necessary formalities for the trip, such as possession of a valid passport, visa, vaccinations and insurance. The traveler is responsible for all costs that arise due to shortcomings in the mentioned formalities, eg, transport home because of the absence of a passport, unless the deficits caused by incorrect information from Konfido or retailer.

8.4 Diverging from the arrangement
Traveler who after the journey has started will diverge from the arrangement are required to notify Konfido or their representative. The traveler must, at least 24 hours prior to, the by Konfido given departure time of the returning trip, contact Konfido for verification of information on the return trip.

8.6 Traveller’s responsibility to show up at the start of the trip
For journeys where air, or air and transfers are not included in the trip, it is the traveler’s responsibility to plan their transport to the start of the trip. Those by Konfido recommended flights, transfer- or local transport options are recommendations only. Neither Konfido, hotel or by Konfido engaged organizer replace or refund non travel / transfer / overnight / meal / transportation or the like, because the traveler did not arrived in time for the start of the trip.

8.7 Traveler’s implementation of hiking and cycling days
When traveling alone / without accompanied Konfido guide, it is the traveler’s responsibility to plan and start in good time so that the traveler arrives at the next overnight before nightfall. Neither Konfido, hotels or by Konfido hired organizer replace or refund the loss of overnight / meal / transport or similar.

  1. Settlement of disputes

Parties should try to resolve the dispute regarding the interpretation or application of this agreement through negotiations. If the parties cannot agree, the dispute can be considered by the Swedish National Board for Consumer Complaints or by a Swedish general court.

  1. Luggage / traveler’s personal belongings

Flight Luggage. The flight technical reasons baggage, including hand luggage weight is limited. Cost of obesity charged directly before departure at the airport in accordance with the relevant airlines at the current price list.

10.1.2 delayed, undelivered or damaged airline luggage. In the event that the passenger delivered or checked baggage is delayed, not delivered or is damaged, the passenger must produce a report (to air travel a so-called PIR report) if it occurred in that for transport managers handling company. Compensation for non-delivered or damaged airline luggage cannot be claimed from Konfido.

  1. Disclaimer of changes

Konfido reserves the right, before an agreement is reached with the traveler, to make changes to the information in the catalogs, brochures and on Konfido also reserves the right to make changes to the financial arrangements for the trip. At such changes the provisions of the general travel conditions is valid. Konfido also reserves for possible clerical errors, both in printed media as well as on, misprints in catalogs and brochures.

Last update of this document: 2015-09-06