Skiers Gathering Davos 19-21 November 2021

Three days open weekend for skiers and friends. On and off snow.

Your registration step by step

In addition to registration to Skiers Gathering, you can book travel package including work-shops. Select whether you like a package or if you like a tailor made offer, please complete your details for your special request in the box for RQ below and Konfido will contact you.

Due to uncertainty due to Covid-19 restrictions all over Europe, we need to have the opportunity to update all the package due to restrictions and changes out of our control.

If you wish to share a room with another Skiers member, but do not know which ones will come, then we try to help you find a roommate and submit a proposal to you. We can not guarantee that we will find an other member who like you would like to share the room. If we can not help you to find someone to share with we will book a room for single use for you. Enter Skiers member in the field: I would like to share a room with.

Contact Konfido
Mobile +46 709 89 24 25

Open weekend for skiers and friends
Start the season in the best possible way together with passionated skiers with focus on development, fun and inspiration. Welcome to bring friends since this is an open event where we like to gather people and start the winter together.

Skiing, après-ski, lunches, dinners, your development and networking. Everything for anyone who is a skier and wants to meet others.

We offer skiing with a mentor in Skiers Morning on Saturday. There will also be free ski testing at Andrist sport. We arrange dinners on Friday & Saturday.

More mentor time:
Add Workshop package and get a workshop friday, saturday and sunday.

Our base is Hotel Dischma Read more about the accommodation

Organised lunches and dinners that you are welcome to share.

Equipment: Pist skis

Ski rental & storage: Andrist Sport

Skiers Gathering 750 SEK/75 CHF
Skiers Workshop 4 500 SEK/450 CHF
Skiers travel package including workshop from 11 400 SEK/ 1 140 CHF

Sign up:
Latest October 22.
If we need additional information from you after signing up we will contact you by email. More information about the event/activity will be send closer to the start.
Event/activity cancelled 15 or less days before the event/activity is debited the entire fee. Read more about booking rules under Privileges & Conditions.

Contact/More information:
Andreas Jonsson +46 (0)70 526 5659 andreas.jonsson@skiersaccredited.comAccommodation: